Motor Vehicle Accident Assessment & Rehabilitation

Roughly 160,000 car accidents occur across Canada every single year. These range from mild bumper rubs to fatal collisions due to texting. With such a massive range of potential harm, cost, and damage, the need for specialized healthcare providers experienced in the care, assessment, and treatment of these patients has grown exponentially. At Carecan, we provide custom car accident assessment and treatment services that help drivers get the care they need for their minds, bodies, and emotional well-being. These services include:

Assessment & Rehabilitation

Careful physical assessment of potential injuries with direct attention to those long-term effects that often go unnoticed by individuals experiencing a fender bender. Personalized treatment plans are developed to ensure more significant patient outcomes.

Psychological Assessments & Counseling

Exceptional and responsible clinical examinations of the mental well-being of accident victims, including those that may suffer from potential adverse effects. Treatment plans for varying counseling services are developed and outlined in accordance with your regular providers.

Nursing & Attendant Care Services

Bespoke and in-home care services to augment the needs of a victim after the often-traumatic effects of a motor vehicle accident. This often includes providing services that would be otherwise inaccessible to patients suffering from mobility issues due to the extent of their treatment plans.

Your maximum recovery is our goal..
Let us do all the that you can focus on the recovery..

Let our team at Carecan be the answer you need to ensure your quality of life is not diminished by a car accident, regardless of the cause. We want to provide the exceptional patient care you need that is compassionate to your unique life situation through our experienced and qualified professionals. Reach out today to discuss your service needs.

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